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Emma is finally ready to launch her book, sign up now to be part of the Launch Team!  
Remember 100% of the proceeds for the first 3 months go directly to charity!  Right now we are working to partner with Autism Speaks
What does it mean to be on a launch team? 
A launch team is a small group of people who get early access to the book, and help spread the word when the book is ready to be released to the public.  
Here are some ways you can help:
  • Share the news.  When the launch date comes, we will give you the link to share with all your friends and family.    
  • Leave a review on Amazon.  When people buy books on Amazon they look for reviews first.  The more honest reviews we can put up on Amazon, the more people will want to grab it.  Once the book is available we will be asking our launch team to help get those reviews up early
  • Record a short video if you can.  We are building a website for Emma to help showcase her book, and the more video testimonials we can get the better.  Especially of other young kids (or adults) who may be inspired to write their own book.   
About The Author
At 8 years old, Emma Sumner is one of the youngest authors to write a fairytale book.  She loves the Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadows and The Never Girls Collection by Disney, and can not wait to see her book on the bookshelf next to them.
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